Welcome To Nikhila Utkal Shakahari Rangani Samaj

Jai Jagannath, Nikhila Utkala Shakahari Rangani Samaj is a social organisation where all the families of Shakahari Rangani Caste belongs to be the member of this Organization by Birth. The originality of this caste is vegetarianism, even without onion and garlic. If we go through the past lifestyle of these people, this community used to colour the white clothes and dedicate to deities in the temples of each part of the state, for which their lifestyle is destined to be sacred. But in course of time they switch over to weave clothes. The people of this community use to do their traditional occupation in the first half of the day, and in the latter half of the day they keep themselves engaged in singing hymns. It is heard that, one of the  thirty six "Niyogas" of Lord Sri Jagannath belonged to this caste. What essentially, sets the people belongings  to this caste different from the rest is also what reflects in the core them of the caste. Since people of this caste are absolute vegetarians and this choice of their food consumption reflects a calm, poised humble, compassionate, spiritual bent of mind and such other virtues in their overall way of living in society. They are very much devoted to the holy epic Srimad Bhagabat, in each of their traditional & cultural functions.


Prior to 1983, there were several regional organizations of this caste existed especially in the rural parts of Odisha. However in 1983-84, it was registered (Regn. No. : 18902/22 of 1983-84), as Nikhila Utkala Sakahari Rangani Samaj.

On 22nd of June, 1997 a meeting was conducted at Duduwala Dharmasala, Bhubaneswar under the Presidentship of Sri Banchanidhi Sahu, where it was solemnly decided to unite all the regional organizations and to reorganize them for the betterment of people belonging to this caste. Again on 14th September, 1997 the subsequent annual meeting proposed to organize regional new zones to reorganize old regional zones and to reinnovate Rangani Matha at Puri.

Nikhila Utkala Shakahari Rangani Samaj, formally registered on 20th July, 1999 and its greatest achievement is the "Kalia Rangani Dharmasala", at Chudanga Sahi. Every year a general body meeting is organised on a Sunday between the holy days of Sri Gundicha and Bahuda yatra in this Dharmasala.